Web and Software Development

We develop websites and web applications to that suites your requirements at a reasonable price.

Network solutions

LAN, WAN and Wireless Connections

Domain and Email Hosting

We provide hosting services for both domains and emails.

Unique Solutions

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Renewable Energy

Our concentration is on energy that powers the future and with the greatest consideration to our environment and communities around us.

Power Backup Systems

We focus on generating the cleanest and most cost-effective energy solutions for
wholesale energy markets.

Electricity & Mini Grid

Our mini grid systems help in eradicating inaccessibility of electricity as a basic necessity.

Unique Energy

Our success is built on the impact and legacy of changing lives by virtue of unleashing the power of “unique energy”.

Industrial Economic Zone

Development of diversified businesses in an industrial economic zone, exporting and taking advantage of the regional trade opportunities with logistics and transportation.

Infrastructure and Transportation

We are at the forefront of infrastructural development and transportation in getting finished products and raw materials across The Gambia and the sub-region.

Oil & Gas and Petroleum Products

Our areas of business activities include oil and gas activities with a clear focus on local content delivery.

Unique Industry

Transformation Technological Excellence

Basic Commodities

Our focus is on local value addition to commodities that improve people’s lives.

Cement, Fertilizer and Building Materials

We aid in providing all cement, fertilizer and building materials at an affordable price and high quality.

Medical Equipment Supplies

We serve as Brokers in providing medical equipment to any registered health institution in The Gambia and beyond.

Unique Global

Your window to the world’s basket of opportunities.


We provide patients with aid of getting treatment and as well support our Hospitals with modern and needed medical equipment.


Packages are provided for needed students in The Gambia from Lower Basic level to Tertiary level.


We help startup businesses to in gaining access to the market.

The Unique Foundation

Care. Share. Service.